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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Fun Day in the City

Our last trip to the city before my parents leave for the Phils on Saturday.

This time, I took them to the Sydney Fish Market for lunch. Seafood galore!!!! We had Fish 'n Chips, Lobster and Scallop Mornay and Salt 'n Pepper Calamari. Yummy!!!! It was our first time to come here so we were all in awe of how many the choices of seafood here (syempre nga kasi Fish Market hehe) and how fresh the produce are.

After lunch, we took my mom to Star City, the casino place in Sydney.

While my mom had her fun in Star City, I took my dad to the Sydney Aquarium. My mom had already been to the place so she'd rather play in Star City than hung out with us hehe.

In the afternoon, we all met up again and had coffee and hot chocolate at Lindt Cafe in Darling Harbour.

We ended the great day by having dinner at Pepper Lunch. My parents loved it! They haven't been to any Pepper Lunch in Manila and we wanted them to experience it before they left.

As of today, we're all done with the packing of their luggages. Just a few more stuff Chris and I are working on that needs to be sent to the Phils and we're good to go.

I'm also busy preparing for their despedida dinner tomorrow and our trip to the airport on Saturday. Hope everything turns out well.