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Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspiration Behind "A Wife's Charmed Life"

Three years ago, I started blogging regularly because it was the only way for my parents to be updated on my Aussie life.  My mom was the inspiration for "A Wife's Charmed Life".  If not for her, I wouldn't be blogging and sharing thoughts with the blogosphere.  Without her, I wouldn't have the inspiration to live a charmed life.  Without her, there won't be a "A Wife's Charmed Life" and I wouldn't have met so many beautiful, great people thru this medium. 

She says she always, always read my blog.  She says she's my number 1 fan.  What she didn't know is that I am her fan and she's one of the three people I dedicate my writing and photographs to. 

Happy birthday Mommy!

To the idol of my heart, the one who gave me life and lessons I will always remember, the one who love me in so many ways, the one whose quiet grace and strength I hope that one day I would emanate, one of the persons responsible for the sunshine in my life...happy birthday Mommy! I love you always.