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Sunday, July 17, 2011

AWCL turns Four Years!

My favourite flower

Five years ago, I started blogging via my Multiply site and then a year after, a few months after I got married, I officially created "A Wife's Charmed Life" (AWCL).  Since then, it has been a great ride of sharing experiences, thoughts, gastronomical and travel adventures through writing and photographs, meeting friends and somehow creating a community of bloggers who share the same interests as mine. 

Last year, this blog has gifted me with the opportunity to be a part of a Filipino newspaper here in Sydney called "Ang Kalatas".  From my little world in the blogosphere, I also now share my life experiences through my column "Life Down Under".

It has been truly a wonderful journey of writing and sharing photographs that I'm still enjoying enormously and I will continue doing so no matter how busier my life gets. 

I'm grateful
...for every story you share back with me
...for every comment, question and email you sent my way
...for the "likes" in FB and retweets in twitter
...for the links back to my blog entries
...for every appreciation you've let me known
...for recommendations, tips and leads so I can share it via my blog
...for spending time in my little home in the blogosphere.

If you have passed by AWCL, thank you very much!  And if my story and photographs have made you smiled, made you feel good or let you learned anything, the honour and pleasure has always been mine.

Cheers to more years of writing and sharing!

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