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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let Him Have His "Me" Time, Too

I have always shared my "Me" times and I've always been grateful for having a partner who gives me the space I need on a regular basis. 

Since I'm a strong believer of "Me" times, I encourage and let my Husband have his "Me" time too.

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I mentioned before that the Husband and I seldom take our day-off (Note: In Australia, some companies give employees an extra day off work that you can take any day of the work week) together.  Not that we don't want to spend extra time with each other but because we want to give each other the space to spend the day however each of us want.

Sometimes we'd joke and say, "Yay! I have the house to myself while you're at the office!"  While we love hanging out together, I think it's healthy whenever we'd say that joke to each other.  When the Husband's on a day-off, I love it when the day is about to end, he'd call me at the office and ask, "What time are you going home?".   I feel my heart go a bit tender knowing that deep inside he misses me. 

On days when he felt like going to the mall and do grocery by himself, I let him.  Shopping for grocery may only be his little excuse because he probably just wants to check out the latest gadgets in the shops by himself so he can have more time to play with them.  This kind of "Me" time is truly a big help to me.  Imagine, skipping doing grocery once in a while?  Not only do I have more time to do other stuff I want to do, he also
becomes more of an expert when it comes to doing grocery shopping. 

Thursday night is shopping night in Sydney.  Shops in the city close at 9:00pm and that's everyone's opportunity after work.  When I'm feeling tired, I'd go home and let the Husband do his own shopping.  He'd normally walk around the shops for an hour before going home.  He appreciates this time because it helps take off the stress he's had at work.   

Some Friday nights we'd have separate drinks-after-work parties with our w
orkmates.  I never join him with his friends from work because that's when I grab the opportunity to be with my workmates, too.  After an hour of two with our mates, we'd rejoin for a late dinner date and share stories of how our week at work had been.  This may not be an exclusive "Me" time but I believe going out separately with friends is healthy for both of us.

Everyday at night, he spends a few minutes in our balcony before going to bed.  He enjoys looking out the streets below us and the quiet that comes with it.  It's his time to reflect on what happened that day and thinks about the things he look forward to tomorrow.
Those are just a few of his "Me" times.  Most of it are just a short time for him to relax and de-stress.  Quick, fleeting moments, but nevertheless, important in his daily life because it makes him happier and healthier.

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