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Friday, September 9, 2011

Celebrating Marriage Everyday

Our wedding happened four years ago...but my Husband and I celebrate our MARRIAGE everyday.
I received a very nice tweet from one of our closest friends in Manila and it said,  "Just saw your photo on your blog. You look lovely. Your Husband must be pleased everyday of his life."

To which I replied, "We're blessed to be together.  Everyday is a gift."

It's nice receiving compliments period. However, receiving compliments from friends mean a lot to us because they are the people who know us and know what we go thru as a couple.  Thru their compliments, we get to see how we grow together as a couple.

Our married life is far from ideal. We face challenges once in a while and there are frustrations that needs to be managed. But amidst some not-so-good times, we honour our marriage more and we respect each other more than to let the challenging times get the best of us.  Tempers sometimes get way out of hand but thank God, we have not made bad tempers a habit inside the home--and we have no plans of doing so. We are both peace-loving and fun-loving persons that we'd rather kiss and make-up than let pride get in the way of having fun.

One thing I love about our Marriage is that we never take the small things for granted. We actually believe the opposite--that it's always the small things that matter. Small things such as the way we greet each other when we arrive at home, how we never seem to get tired of saying "love you, love you!" (Yes, we say it twice), how after all these years of being so familiar with each other we say "please" when asking favours from each other,  how we still like holding hands, how we respect each other's personal space, how until now we still get surprised when we discover some things about each other and how we always say "thank you" for being there for each other.

Everyday is a gift and everyday we celebrate our marriage and togetherness by finding joy in the smallest of small things.

This is also my entry for this month's It's a Wife's Life Blog Carnival

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