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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Celebrations with Family

Our Christmas week holiday was as balanced as I hoped it would be as we had time for ourselves, family and friends. We are so grateful the Husband's office shutdown coincided with mine. Our last day of work was on the 21st December so we welcomed the holiday by partying with friends the following day and watching "Les Miserables" on Sunday.

Dates with the Hubby. If we're not hanging out with people, the Husband and I spent time at home, catching up on sleep, movies and episodes of American TV series. This is the most relaxed of all our Christmas holidays as we didn't do any major de-clutterings at home (just a few mini de-cluttering of this and that). We went to the nearby mall and had gelatos as we window shopped and do grocery. 
We were able to watch "Les Miserables", a movie I've been waiting to watch. I love it! I have got to say that this I was in awe of the direction of this movie. I admire director Tom Hooper for turning a musical into a wonderful film. Hugh Jackman, Ann Hathaway and Sacha Baron gave stellar performances.
Christmas Party with Relatives. Our family get-together on Christmas Eve was doubly special because we celebrated the 50th birthday of my Auntie Bess. It was a busy but fun day surrounded by family. We left the party feeling very blessed from all the love of our relatives.
Christmas Day was rainy and gloomy. To us who were partied out, it was the perfect weather to stay at home and catch up on sleep. With less than three hours of sleep, we woke up early on Christmas morning to attend mass. 
Our Christmas morning breakfast which consisted of Baked Ham, Egg and Rice, Puto Bumbong, Kutsinta and Ripe Mangoes. So delicious! 
Spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day at home but on the 27th December, we went out to do some shopping. After dinner, we went to see "The Hobbit" with our relatives. We all loved the film! It was three-hour long but we didn't notice and all of us are now looking forward to the next one.
Koreatown with Family. Shared our love for Korean food with relatives over the weekend. We met up at Strathfield, had BBQ lunch at Won Jo, coffee at My Sweet Memory, shopped at Morning Glory and even had our photos taken via their funky photobooth and had yogurt dessert at Yogurberry. We had so much fun!!! Can't wait to do something like this again.
Now this ends my Christmas 2012 series. It's been a love-filled Christmas. The Husband and I are grateful for everyone who's been a part of it.