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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Karaoke Lunch & CNY Celebrations in Sydney

We had a fun day last Saturday with friends as we had karaoke lunch at Mizuya (yup, third time in just three weeks!). We booked a private room for two hours but we enjoyed the food and singing too much that we extended for another hour. Time is never enough when you're having fun and catching up with good friends.

A few highlights:

The karaoke lunch was organized by one of our friends in honour of  those who celebrated their birthday in January and February. We especially cheered for two of our friends who celebrated their 35th and 40th this month.

We had the yummiest red velvet Darth Vader and Storm Trooper cupcakes during the event. 

We had to play and sing "Oppa Gangnam Style" twice for the kids.  I swear, there's something about that song that makes the kids get on their feet and dance. And they can get enough of it! Nakakaloka!  After playing it the second time, they even requested "Do it again" and the adults all went, "Nooooo". Haha. 

My BFF and I have this song that we always sing whenever we go karaoke. I consider this song one of "our" songs. Now that we're at a different phase of our lives, we shared our song to her daughter/my goddaughter. It was an "awwww moment" when I saw a photo of us three. How time flies.  Never did we imagine we'd be singing our song with a little one in tow. 
Karaoke lunches are super fun! Our group enjoyed Mizuya's affordable lunch meals and we're able to sing and be loud in the privacy of a room. I'm so glad we tried doing something like this.

After our party with friends, the Husband and I went to Chinatown to do a few souvenir shopping.

While we were at Chinatown, Tony Abbott (leader of Opposition) arrived to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

Our Saturday day-out ended late in the afternoon. A great day spent with good friends and the Hubby.