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Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Very Own Hanbok (Korean Dress)

I’ve been lusting to have one of these…It's called Hanbok, Korea's traditional dress worn when attending social affairs and during traditional holidays.

I have simply decided before that if given the chance to have one of these Korean dresses, I’d gladly take the opportunity to have one. I once told my cousin that if I'd be able to go to South Korea, I’m really gonna buy a Hanbok. At least, should I need to attend a costume party, I’d have one already, and an authentic one at that. I really love how the Hanbok looks like as it is very colorful and seemed very 'royal-like'.

Lo and behold, as I was going home on board a bus last Monday, I saw this in one of the shop’s window in Glebe….
So today, I left work early and went to the store to ask the owner if the dress is for sale. And it was. I found out that the Korean dress is authentic as the owner bought it in Korea a few years back when she went there. She’s a traveler and she buys clothes from places she’s been to as sort of a collection, but has now decided to manage a store and sell some of her pieces. She told me that she’s never worn the dress and was only used as decoration in her home. Twice, it has been rented for photo shoots but was well-maintained as she made sure she sends the dress to the drycleaners as soon as the photo shoots were over. I asked her, “Do normal people in Korea really wear this?” And she said, “They do, but only on special occasions like Thanksgiving day.” So meron din palang Thanksgiving day ang Korea.

I was awed by her stories about the dress because it does have its history and value, all the more that made me want to buy it. I asked her how much, it was a bit steep but in my mind, it was indeed a good find because it’s really genuine. Not bad for a very good piece of authentic clothing.

I ended up bringing the dress home. It’s beautiful, i love it and it's mine!!!! :)

On my way, home I realized I should buy an authentic Baro’t Saya when I visit the Phils next time. Wow! I feel like the owner passed on to me her way of collecting memoirs from places she’s been to. I think I’ve been charmed!