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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Castle Hill Heritage Park

Celebrated Father's Day (yup, Father's day here in Australia is every first Sunday of September) with my Tita's family friends at the Castle Hill Heritage Park today.

There were more or less 15 families that got together today to honor the Dads of each family.

The Dads enjoyed an afternoon of food, drinks and laughter while playing poker.

As for me, I had a relaxing afternoon catching up with my cousins, lying on the grass and communing with nature.

Lying on the grass made me very very lazy. For days, I've been looking forward to this event coz I planned to walked around the park and explore the place but I ended up lying on the grass, looking at the blue sky and trees hovering above me. But it never stopped me from taking photos though.

(1st photo: I was lying on my back and saw these trees hovering over me; 2nd photo: I looked on my side and saw someone's shoe with trees at the background)

For more photos, please click here: Castle Hill Heritage Park