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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday Me Day

I declared an Ibyang's Day last Friday because I had another day off from work and this time, I focused on shopping just for myself. I can't really say I was very happy about shopping for myself. Apparently, I discovered that I didn't like shopping as much as I used to. Shopping nowadays turn out to be more of a chore rather than an activity that relaxes or de-stresses me.
The main reason for a Me-Myself-and I-Shopping was because there was a need for me to buy clothes for upcoming events and update my make-up kit (it was time to get rid of old make-up). So basically, my shopping was more of a need and not a want. Nevertheless, last Friday was a gift to myself because I got to spend it with one of my favorite companions---ME! :)

And to celebrate my day, I had lunch at this quaint, little cafe called Meza Cafe.

I had a big glass of fresh orange juice and a plate of Calamari, Chips and Salad

As usual, being able to sit down and have a decent, pleasurable and quiet lunch meant more to me than buying all those girly stuff that I bought.