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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank You 2007!

The year 2007 will always be special to me because it is a year of Transitions and Discovery. This was a year that has given me so much opportunity to grow and spread my wings. This was a year that tested my strength to the limit. This was a year of finding out what I am capable of doing, feeling, thinking and sharing.

As my Daddy said yesterday over the phone, "Nakaraos din." and I couldn't agree more. This year was one hell of rollercoaster ride for me as I had a lot of highs that made me love life even more and some lows which made me get up and say, "Bring it on!" Thru God's grace, the year was very kind to me in lots of ways and so here goes my Thank you's to 2007:

Thank you for giving me a lot of reasons to celebrate: my marriage to Chris, my 30th birthday, healthy parents, Chris passing his interview and medical exam for his spouse visa application, getting a permanent job in a government office, acquiring a learner's license, my 5th syota-anniversary with Chris and my 2nd year in Sydney.

Thank you for the challenges that made me stronger: changing my name, adjusting to married life, leaving the Phils again, being apart from my husband, robbery of our house in Taytay, dysfunctional dramas of our car in the Phils, being interviewed for the position I applied for, waiting for Chris' spouse visa approval and going thru an ultrasound exam alone just to know whether I'm healthy or not.

Thank you for the biggest transitions I've experienced so far: being a wife, being 30 and becoming one of the senior member of our team in the office.

Thank you for the gift of travel: Going home to the Phils for a visit, my honeymoon with Chris which took us to Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Hongkong and Shenzhen, China, and I was able to visit more areas in Sydney.

Thank you for family and friends: Chris who loves me unconditionally, my parents and relatives who supports me, old friends who never tire of being there for me and new friends that added vibrance to my life.

Thank you for the gift of learning acquired thru my passions in life: people, food, coffee, travel and photography.

Thank you for re-uniting me with activities I love: watching theatre plays and playing badminton.

Thank you for the opportunity to do something I thought I never could: to model and be photographed.

Thank you for the gift of writing: I am able to reach out to people and share my thoughts.

Thank you for a lot of material blessings and comfort in my everyday living, some of which I am able to share with the less-fortunate.

Thank you for the little things: the ones I notice and the ones I seem to take for granted.

Thank you for the gift of inner peace and faith: that even if circumstances sometimes give me uncertainties, I am able to sleep well knowing that tomorrow will be a better day and that God will always be faithful to me.

With all the memories made this year--with all the joys, challenges and learning--I will say goodbye to 2007 a little more better and bigger of a person. I will leave 2007 with more hope, faith and love.

And to my dear family and friends, may your 2008 be as sparkling as you hoped it to be!

Credits: Photography by Jonathan Dael and Graphics by Chris Sanchez.