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Saturday, February 9, 2008

On My Way To The Supermarket and Back

The sun shone a bit this morning so I brought Mrs. Kanyon with me to the supermarket.

I'm very fortunate to be living near a park with a lake and what's good is that it is strategically on the way to the supermarket. What joy to have the luxury to walk buying fresh goodies to and from the grocery store!

At 11:05am, on my way to the supermarket, the lake looked like this...

woodcroft lake

Spend about 15 minutes taking shots here and there but didn't stay long as clouds were already forming over the horizon. And so I had to continue walking towards the grocery store.

The reason why I went to the supermarket today was because I needed to buy ingredients for a dip that I wanted to make and bread to go with that dip. When I'm all done with that, I walked back home and as usual, I had to pass by the park. It was about 12:00noon and this was the sight the awaited me...

dark horizon

It was such an amazing sight to behold!!!! I have only seen clouds forming like that here in Australia. It looked scary but I was more in awe at how immaculate God has made such a creation. It was terrfyingly beautiful.

You can probably understand why after about 10 shots, I had to walk home fast. Even if I had an umbrella with me, I didn't want to get my camera and groceries wet.

When I arrived home, it took about 10 minutes for the rain to finally fall. Very angry rain that was. I just had a quick lunch and a little bit of net surfing, then in a few minutes fell asleep inside my room listening to the rain. And this time, no more bad dreams.