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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bags and My Husband's Sense of Humour

This is me and Husband talking while I was browsing the net for my dream bags.

H: why do you women have to have 10 bags or more?
W: because we need it
H: do you have to change your bags everyday?
W: no
H: so why do you have to buy bags all the time?
W: basta!!!
H: di ko talaga ma-gets eh
W: you don't have to get it, just get me a bag
H: gusto mo yung Prudential Bank na bag? it's nice naman di ba?

I would just have to laugh at my Husband's sense of humour....corny pero binili ko na rin. the Prudential Bank bag he was referring to was the green pamalengke bag that the bank gives to clients as souvenirs for decades.hehehe :P

*H=Husband; W=Wifey