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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Because of Wii Fit

*sigh* first ever pair of Havaianas died today...:(

Ibyang's First Havaianas (2002-2008)

and all because of....

Chris and I were "jogging" together when the accident happened. *sigh*.

My first pair of Havaianas was a gift from my Tita Bess, she sent it from Australia in 2002. It had been to many places in Metro Manila, has been in Boracay twice and was taken back to Australia because I eventually migrated here. I used to wear it whenever I go out but thru time it has become very hard to clean so I made it my "pambahay tsinelas" (slippers inside the house).

I'm weird this way...I get attached to things I use often and I always remember where it came from and the places I took them. Most of the things I own remind me of places I've been to. One example would be the hand gloves I bought in Hongkong on my honeymoon, it reminds me of the night I bought it in Mongkok.

Anyway, my Havas were laid to rest this afternoon...can't believe it lasted 6 years. :)