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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Style Musings: Cherry Blossom Charm From Pandora

When I had my first charm, a camera, I didn't know what my next charm will be. As mentioned in my post then, I want my future charm bracelet to be special so instead of buying charms in one go, I'm creating my charm bracelet one charm at a time.

A few months after my camera charm purchase, Pandora came out with the Spring Collection and it included Cherry Blossom charms! I was soooooo happy. It was the perfect charm to buy! At that time these charms came out, the Husband and I were preparing for our comeback to Seoul for the Spring Festival, where the city will be filled with Cherry Blossom trees in bloom.  

Why a Cherry Blossom flower?

I'm enamoured with Cherry Blossom flowers. I first saw them when we travelled to Seoul in 2011 and I fell inlove with its dainty beauty. Whenever I see Cherry Blossom flowers, all my Husband can hear me say is, "They're sooooo pretty" with matching dreamy look (hahaha). I'm really charmed by them.

Cherry Blossoms signifies my love for Seoul and Korean culture. After a few years of learning about Korean culture and travelling to Seoul twice, the Husband and I feel a connection to the place and its culture. It's not just a simple fascination. It's something deep and wanting that we simply say that Seoul is our third home now.

Spring is my favourite season. This Cherry Blossom charm will remind me of our Romantic Spring wedding. This charm will remind me of the beautiful flowers we've seen during Floriades in Canberra. This will remind of all the Cherry Blossom flowers I've seen during Spring time. Most of all, this charm will always remind me of beginnings and hellos, which for me are happy moments of life.
Style Musings: Pandora's Cherry Blossom Charm
The nice thing about Pandora was that they came out with Cherry Blossom earrings and rings too. When I arrived at the store and saw the earrings, I can't help but buy a pair. The flower comes in pale pink, although in these photos, they are somewhat white due to lighting at home.
Style Musings: Pandora's Cherry Blossom Charm
Since I don't have charm bracelet yet, I used my two-toned necklace for the Cherry Blossom charm and wear it on my neck for now. 
Style Musings: Pandora's Cherry Blossom Charm
I love these Cherry Blossom charms. Simple, dainty and very significant. 

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