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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tags Answered (Random Facts/Habits)

This tag from Donna and Gracey is looooonnggg overdue...but I never forget, so when I say I'm in, I will do it even if it takes a lifetime hehehe.

Post the rules:

  • Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
  • Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Okay, here my 10 Random Facts/Habits on Being Me:

On Being a Wifey: I never really thought I would love being a wife--I really don't, not in my wildest dreams. But with all the adjustments, chores and responsibilities that come with it, I can safely say that I do love being a wife. I now love staying at home cooking, doing chores or just hanging out with the husband. I even love budgetting for goodness' sake!!!! hehehe . I love that I'm able to juggle my wifey responsibilities and personal interests, too. I now realized that it's all about being ready and I'm glad marrying early in life was not a priority for me when I was young. Married life is happy and challenging at the same time---it is not a bed of roses so it requires a certain maturity and strength, so I'm glad I waited till I'm really really ready.

On Being a Trainer: Training is one of my passions in life, although right now I'm not playing an active part in it. But I do love the thought that when I train, I play a vital role in an employee's development in the workplace. Teaching/training is a selfless act and for me, that in itself is a way of taking care of people. One day, I plan to come back to training actively and the only place I'd want to do it is in the Phils.

On Being a Blogger: This comes as my second passion right now---no, it's not Photography like everyone thinks! Writing has become an extension for me since I'm not actively training. Training requires for me to share information, advices and things I believe in(like being positive in everything you do!) and that is how I feel about blogging/writing. Whatever I write about, whatever I share, I make sure it is thoughtfully done and consistent to the things I believe in and that it is something that my readers can learn from.

On Being a Photography Enthusiast: The photographs I share with everyone almost always has a meaning (except of course the photographs of my family/relatives). Whenever I share a photograph here, you can be sure that it is something that has a meaning, it tells a story or it is informative. On how I look at a photograph: I always always look at what message it conveys...doesn't matter if it was taken by a P&S or an DSLR...kung walang meaning, mensahe o istorya ang isang litrato, di bale na lang.

On Being a Friend: Once you become a really good friend of mine, I'm committed to that friendship. If a friend loves me and is always there for me, I will reciprocate that. If a friend did something very bad to me, I will probably rant just to say my piece, then I'll forgive him/her but I will never be close to that person again.

On Being an Ex: Once I say goodbye and walk away, I never turn back. One mistake is enough, I don't like working things out just to make a second mistake. Although I think one time I made an exception to that rule---but it never really worked so hindi na talaga. After everything is okay and both has moved on, I can become friends with an Ex again and I am friends with former boyfriends---yes, the husband knows and he is also friends with them.

On How I Spend Money: I can be as prudent (kuripot) as a Chinese businessman. I seldom spend too much on little things like clothes, make-up, shoes, bags (until now, I still can't make myself buy my dream bags even if I know I can afford it). But I do spend more on things for the home and electronic gadgets and I avoid buying second hand for the mere reason that I'm afraid it won't be of quality (I do make exceptions if I know the person who's selling). I love setting up funds: Gift funds, travel funds, etc and joining Paluwagans.

On Being Healthy: I don't want to be fat! hehehe. But I don't want to be skinny too. I eat what I love; the healthy ones (fish, fruits, veggies) I try to eat as often as possible, the unhealthy ones (junk food, meat) i take in moderation. I take long walks after work and on weekend, I try to squeeze in briskwalks/jogging at a nearby park.

On Loving: Hindi ako selosa (I'm not the jealous-type). Period. hehehe.

On Being a Soon-to-be Mum: I'm looking forward to it but I'm in no rush. I have learned early on that anybody can plan an engagement, a wedding and a honeymoon...but having a baby is something you can't put in the calendar. So for now, what I always say to The One Above is "Surprise me!!!"...maybe one he will.

So there, another 10 facts about me.

Whoever is happy today because its a Friday---YOU are tagged!!!

Happy Weekend!!!