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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Memoir of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

This photograph is for my Mommy and Daddy and Chris' Mama whom we love so much for being the great parents that they are and for instilling in us the value for God's Faith, Hope and Love.

As the WYD08's theme says:

'You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses.' Acts 1:8

...Chris and I have been a witness to God's greatness by seeing the face of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI last Thursday.

As today is my Mommy's birthday, I especially dedicate this entry to the woman who brought me out to this world, who unselfishly loved me, who unconditionally takes care of me, who is always ready with sensible advices and the one woman whom I know will always stand by me simply because she believes in me. I have become what I am today and I am so many things because of her.

Happy happy birthday Mommy!!!! Thank you for being the great mommy that you are, for giving me so much strength in this lifetime, for being my role model, for teaching how to survive on my own and for just being you. I love you very very much!!!! You are my guiding light and my eternal sunshine. Mwah!!!!

Photographers' Note:

We are very very happy to share with you the best photograph we have of the Pope...and we are glad we were able to get a decent shot of him amidst the awe and nerves we felt when we saw him, not to mention that it was already dark when he passed by us and that the Pope Mobile went too fast for anyone to really stare at him for a couple seconds.

Please enjoy it and may you feel blessed, as much as we feel blessed until now, for the gift of His presence.

Photo specs: Canon 400D and 430EX Flash. No editing and croping done. Added borders and copyright only.