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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cupcakes for the Birthday Boy

It's been awhile since my Husband and I have baked cupcakes. We only do them now when we're asked to make them for parties. It's always a hit with kids and kids at heart.

Yesterday, we made Vanilla Cupcakes for my cousin Patrick's 9th birthday.

We chose green for the theme color because he likes Ben 10. For the decors on top of the vanilla icing, we put mini-marshmallows, green, blue & orange sprinkles and milk chocolate bits.

We surprised him by writing down a letter of his name in each cupcake and the number 9. His face lit up when he saw his name on them. My Husband was the one responsible for writing the letters.

We placed the cupcakes on the dessert table this way...

We don't have a cupcake stand yet but we have a three-tier platter that we brought with us. We plan to buy a cupcake stand soon for better presentation.

Patrick's Ice Cream Cake! 

As we were singing happy birthday to him....

We looked like his lady fans in this photo hehe...
And of course, photos with the birthday boy.