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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Address Plaques for the Home

Who would have thought that something as simple as an address plaque would have an impression on your home and/or business?  

One of our (my Husband and I) dreams is to one day own a house.  On days when we are in "dream mode", we like looking at photographs of houses.  It gives us an idea of what we would purchase some day.  Nowadays, we are taking our dream to own a home a little more seriously.  When we look at photographs of houses, we look closely on the structure and details of each one.  We also look how address signs and mailboxes are placed outside a certain home.

What we discovered recently from looking at house photographs is that address plaques has a certain impact in one's home appearance.  It can set the mood or theme of your home.  The color of your address sign and where you will place it is also something to be considered.

I know I may sound like I'm thinking too far ahead but we will never know, right?  Maybe our dream home will happen sooner than we think.  My Husband and I are very hopeful and positive about it.