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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Love Lea!

I was supposed to write about food tonight BUT today was a very special day for me.  I met Lea Salonga!!!!!  OMG!!!! I was so happy.  If you've been following my tweets this morning, you'd know that I was such a fan girl when I saw her in Mercato Centrale (Fort Bonifacio).

We had early lunch at Mercato Centrale today and after lunch, we went inside one of the tents to have dessert.  When all of a sudden I saw Chuckie Dreyfus and RJ Ledesma and their families.  They were having their photo taken and didn't realize that Lea Salonga's family were with them too.  My Husband was the one who pointed it out to me and I was elated to see Lea in person.  Such a dream come true!!!!

I'm very grateful for my Husband for having very sharp eyes and even took a photo of them.  I was a the back talking to my dad, can you see me?  At this point, I still didn't know that Lea was there. 
I love Lea!

After taking this photo, my Husband showed me their photo and said, "see, it's Lea!"  And I immediately shifted to fan girl mode.  I love Lea, as in!!!!  I admire her as a singer, as an artist, a woman, a wife and a mother.  I really love her!

I kept on following her.  I forgot about food, about dessert and even forgot about my family hehe.  I was just watching her from afar.  Too shy to come close because I know that even if she is a public figure, she was at Mercato with her family.  I didn't want to invade her privacy.

But my Husband encouraged me to have a photo with her since people around her were asking for a photo op with her.  So we waited and finally when she wasn't talking to anyone, I shyly approached and asked her if we can have a photo together.  

GRABE!!!! I was in heaven. haha.  She was gracious and said, "Yes."  I even asked her if she will be visiting Sydney soon, she said, "No plans yet."  She even related that she went to Sydney last year for "CATS The Musical".  So I just wished her, "I hope you'll have a concert in Sydney soon."
I love Lea!

I was so starstruck!  She's so simple and she seemed like a person that you can easily talk to because she smiles and really talks to people who approach her, but she's Lea Salonga!  How can I not be starstruck??

I'm still mesmerized until now.  I won't ever forget this day.  To finally meet someone I truly admire, got to talk to her and even have a photo with her is a dream come true.

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