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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grateful Thoughts & a Short Film by Disney on Vday

This morning, I spent a few moments reflecting on how grateful I am to love and be loved by family and friends. Every Valentines Day, my thoughts are not just for my significant other but also for the special people who fill my life with love and joy. Wherever they are, I send positive and grateful thoughts out to them, not just today but everyday.

Here's my Hearts Day gift to you dear readers. A short film by Disney entitled "Paperman" which takes only six minutes of your time but will give you a smile that could last the whole day.  

This video made me remember how love can find you in the most unexpected times and how the universe makes a way for things to fall into place because some people are meant for each other. Ahhh Love, the most wonderful thing!

Have a fun Hearts Day! Live, love and be grateful! :) 

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