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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Sweet Memory's Bingsu

Other than Salted Caramel yogurt, my other refreshing discovery last Summer was Bingsu.

Bingsu is a pretty dessert or snack from Korea eaten during Summer. It is usually made up of ice shavings, milk, fruits, red beans, cereal flakes and ice cream. This is similar to the Philippines' Halo-Halo. I discovered this during one of my trips to My Sweet Memory Cafe
On the light of discovering something new, My Sweet Memory now has a new branch in Chinatown (708 George Street, Sydney). The Husband and I visited the place last month and found it quite different from other stores. Their interiors seem more vintage and the ambiance more like a bar.
The only thing we don't like in this new MSM are the chairs. They're aesthetically cute but quite uncomfortable to sit on.  But the coffee is good and they're adding more food on the menu. My favourite branch is still the one in Strathfield and Townhall but I wouldn't mind getting a cuppa here in case I'm in Chinatown.