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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Forte Room (Liverpool, NSW)

I attended a training program related to work last week and it gave me a chance to have coffee and breakfast at a cafe near the training venue.

Forte Room has a modern but cozy ambience with warm lighting that will relax you while you enjoy your meal. 
The walls are adorned with quotes about food, a good backdrop for photo ops.
They have a breakfast offering of coffee and a sandwich of your choice for only AUD$7.00. I had a cup of long black (they charged me an additional 50c) and a huge Bacon and Egg Sandwich. The meal was good and comforting as it was freshly-cooked after I ordered. Their coffee was strong and leaves a bitter aftertaste, more than enough to wake up my senses in the morning.
I noticed a shelf full with magazines and board games. A sign that they like patrons to linger and have fun while in their cafe.
 Other than cafe food, they offer lunch, dinner and catering. The place can also be rented for private events. 

Forte Room
3/107 Moore Street
Liverpool NSW 
Phone: (02) 8798 6460