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Monday, June 17, 2013

Nespresso Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli

While we were away on vacation, Nespresso came out with their Limited Edition 2013 Grand Crus. It was fortunate that I was still able to get a box of each flavour (they came out with two) on the last week that it was available in Sydney. 

This year's Limited Edition Grand Crus were inspired by Italy's coffee culture with focus on its two coffee-centric cities, Trieste and Napoli. Having a cup of these limited editions is like being transported to the streets of Italy.

In general, I enjoy Italian coffee because of its strength, that's why I'm glad that Nespresso came out with Italian-inspired grand crus.

Trieste. Has an intensity level of 9. A blend of Arabica beans from South America and East Africa. It's rich aroma comprises of a fragrant chocolate and hazelnut notes. Has a silky body and refreshingly fruity touch.
Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
_MG_12Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli54
Napoli. Strong and intense flavours from a blend of Arabica from South America, Africa and Asia and Robusta that gives a hint of smoky notes. It has a woody aroma and nuances of dry black tea leaf. This is slightly bitter as the beans were roasted longer. 
Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
Nespress Limited Edition 2013: Trieste and Napoli
Between the two, I enjoyed Napoli better than Trieste due to its strong flavour. It may have tasted a bit more bitter than Trieste but I didn't mind it. I only have a few Napoli Grand Crus so I'm savouring it best as I can.