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Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014, Of Hellos and Wishes

Our wish for 2014 is for all of us to have an abundant home filled with love and laughter. We wish numerous days of fun adventure, learning experiences, dreams coming true and smiles in our heart. We hope 2014 will be a year where we can shine brighter and be more hopeful. May it be a year of possibilities and accomplishments. :)
It's always in the New Year that I make an extra effort in coming up with food on the table. This year we had Baked Ham topped with caramelised apple, Pancit Bihon, Panettone Cake and Fruit Salad. It was surrounded by 13 different fruits. 

To make it more festive, we brought out a bottle of Scarlett Bubbles, a marriage of rose and raspberry juice made by Tamburlaine Organic Wines. 
At 11:30pm, we lighted the Prosperity Candles that my mom sent us. Each candle symbolises various aspects of life:
Red for Life
Blue for Peace
Yellow for Good Spirit
Green for Money
Pink for Health
White for Brightness
Violet for Material Wealth

The candle that melts the quickets symbolises the good fortune that the New Year will bring followed by the rest. In our case, the smallest candle was Pink, then came Yellow, Blue, Violet, Red, White and Green.
At midnight, we watched the Sydney fireworks show on TV and then said a prayer before blowing out the Prosperity Candles. 
It was a low-key NY celebration but the start of every year is always meaningful to us. 

Enjoy and be merry in 2014!