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Friday, January 13, 2012

Style Musings: Inspired by the 80s

January is my birthday month and I'm grateful that my month's looking pretty damn good. Two weekends in the lead up to my real birthday, I have celebrated and will be celebrating it with friends.  I feel really blessed to have friends who find time to celebrate my birthday with me.

My first birthday party was held last weekend with my Tweethearts and we've decided to have an 80s themed party.  So my inspiration for an outfit were Madonna and Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club).

(image source: The Stiletto Effect)

I like seeing outfits that make me remember an era.  I remember when my college friends and I would shop for clothes, we'd hear ourselves say, "This reminds me of a movie" or "This reminds me of the 70s!" when we see a certain outfit. 

I don't exactly have an 80s outfit so as I thought of preparing for the party, I decided to come up with an 80s-inspired ensemble instead of going full on 80s.  I wanted an ensemble that will remind me of the 80s and one that I can still wear any day.  When I buy clothes, I try to be practical and find pieces that will be used for more than one occasion. 

The Shirt. I didn't find it difficult to find a shirt that represented the 80s as it seemed that there are a lot of clothes out there likened to the style from that era.  I found this pink chiffon shirt with heart graphics and I instantly thought of  the movie "Pretty in Pink".  It's pink, feminine and the style is similar to what Molly Ringwald was wearing on the first photo above.  The clothing material is also perfect for the warm weather.
Fashion Fridays: Inspired by the 80s

The Accessories.  It's only recently that I've become comfortable wearing a pile of necklaces.  I found this bundled necklaces in an accessory shop in Sydney on sale and thought that maybe I should learn how wearing these kind of necklaces.  I wore this when I watched the KPOP Concert last year and since then, it has become a favourite of mine.  The bracelet I wore is also my favourite from Swatch.
Fashion Fridays: Inspired by the 80s
The Skirt.  I love wearing denim skirts because they're so easy to pair up with anything.  I already own a short denim skirt so I didn't have to buy this one anymore.

The Shoes. One of my last few buys when I was in Manila.  I chanced upon this on my last day and was easily charmed by the feminine eyelets of this pair.  Celebrities of the 80s wore short boots with their outfits and this pair of open-toe ankle boots were perfect as it is Summer here in Sydney.
Fashion Fridays: Inspired by the 80s

So here's my interpretation of an 80s inspired outfit.  Simple, feminine, a touch of ruggedness and a tiny bit of edge.
Pink Chiffon Shirt: Paper Scissors
Denim Skirt: Esprit 
Open-toe Ankle Boots: Unlisted
Bundled Necklace: Diva
Bracelet: Swatch

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