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Monday, October 8, 2007

Writings on Sand

Dear Husband,
Last Saturday, as I was aboard a ferry going to the beach, I saw an elderly couple sitting by the front deck with arms around each other. The woman caught my attention because we both had the same digital camera. Then suddenly, I saw the man holding a DSLR camera taking photographs of the woman. It reminded me of us. Of how we love going places and taking photographs together. Of how we love taking photos of each other. Of how we love just being near each other and making each other laugh. For the most part of the ride, they just sat together and enjoyed the view. The husband wrapped his arms around his wife, while the wife leaned on her husband's shoulders. From time to time, they would talk and laugh.

While watching them I asked myself "Will we be like them when we grow old?", "Will we still enjoy each other's company?", "Will we still look at each other tenderly even if we're old and tired?"

I sure hope so. My heart believes so.

Yours always,
Wifey :)