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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

This is the season to be jolly, merry and here's my first ever Christmas wish list.

At this point, you will discover that I can be very specific with things I want and from whom I will ask what I want. Ganun talaga ako, pati sa needs and wants organized hehehe.

From Myself

Until now, I haven't decided what I will give myself this Christmas. Since I have travel plans next year, medyo mas kuripot ako ngayong mga panahong ito sa sarili. But if I were to become surprisingly generous to myself, I'd get myself a DSLR camera. But if I'm too coward to buy anything as expensive as that, I'd probably just buy myself a very good bag that I will use for work or travel.

From Chris

  • Resignation from his work in Dubai. This will of course depend on his visa approval which I'm hoping will happen before Christmas.
  • Make an artwork of me. It has been my dream that I'd be drawn by an artist. I told him this is what I want for Christmas but there are no deadlines coz according to him, it will take him months to do this. And the things is, this wish seems to be a challenge coz I told him I want a cartoon-ized me. Gets? I want an Ibyang-inspired cartoon artwork. All the more making it difficult for him.
  • Since we won't be together for Christmas (again), I just want to receive a greeting card from him.

From My Parents

  • A mobile phone. This is actually a need and not a want. I need a second phone coz when Chris and I move out of my tita's place, we have to have a phone that my parents can text for only P1.00 (Smart). So the phone I'm using now, will be our Smart phone, while the new one will be my Aussie phone. I specifically told them I want a phone that flips and has a 2megapixels camera. For other specs the phone might have, I don't really care. Maging simple na sya at lahat basta dapat 2 megapixels ang camera.
  • Commitment to being healthy.

From my relatives and friends here in Sydney--kung trip nyo talaga akong bigyan, you can choose from these:

  • bath towels
  • serving plates or bowls (different colors)
  • cook books
  • DVD: The Lake House (this is tricky--you have to let me know if you got me this at baka maka-limang DVD ako nitong movie na ito hehehe)

From my friends and online buddies abroad, if you ever think of me this Christmas, don't buy me a Christmas card, instead I encourage you to do any one of these:

  • add P30.00 (if you live in the Phils) or $10.00 (those living abroad) in the Christmas Mass Offertory
  • give a bag of groceries to your parish church or to a less fortunate family in your neighborhood
  • sort out your closet and gather up the clothes and shoes you don't wear anymore and donate it to an institution or orphanage
  • cook a simple merienda and ask some of the less fortunate kids in your neighborhood to join you.

Should you be able to do any of these or maybe you have another way of showing generosity to other people, I will consider that your gift to me :) and I will be very very happy.