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Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Halo-halo Day

Today was a Halo-halo Day! When I say Halo-halo Day, it means my day was a mixture of happy and irritating moments. Sometimes you just have those days that will really piss you off but then you'll still see the humor in it.

Today I had a very challenging day at work and I barely breathe with all the work being thrown at me. So many participants bugging me, changes changes changes, endless paperworks and a late lunch. Parang nagkaisa yata ang buong universe at napag-desisyunan ng mga alaga ko sa training na "I will bug Avigail regarding my training needs today" at parang lahat sila sabay-sabay. Susme!

BUT after my late lunch, one of our external trainers approached me and formally introduced herself to me and told me this in her Scottish accent:

Hi, you're Avigail right? I'm Paula, it's so nice to finally meet you or more like to shake your hand. I've heard so much about you , you've been an inspiration to the participants."

And all I had to say to that was "oh thank you!" I was really speechless after hearing all that from her, she's like one of those trainers here that I really really admire. Coming from her, it was WOW!

Hay naku, ang Training talaga, may pa-konsuelo sa akin :) And I really appreciate it. Although there are a lot of very irritating moments in coordinating participants, I'm still happy I'm able to help them and to hear compliments makes it all worthwhile. Pag ganyan naman eh parang feeling ko eh tumama ako sa Lotto.

After work, a very silly thing happened to me when I tried getting money from the ATM. Guess what????? I forgot my PIN number. I'm so pissed at myself. I tried twice. Ayaw. Pinauna ko muna yung nasa likod ko so I can think. I tried again. Ayaw pa rin. Minumura ko na ang sarili ko. I decided to walk away and call the bank when I get home. On my way to the train station, I miraculously remembered!!!! Ano ba? Manang memory hehehehe.

When I told my tita about what happened she told me "dapat sa lahat ng card mo, isa lang ang PIN Number mo." Eto naman ang sagot ko, " Yun nga tita eh, ISA lang ang card ko, isa lang ang bank ko, kung di ba naman may topak ako." So my tita had to laugh and that made me laugh too. How ridiculous.

So that's my halo-halo day for you. Good night!

P.S. My husband will laugh really hard when he learns of my ATM fiasco.