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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Project 365 or Project 52

For those photography enthusiasts out there who just loves taking photos and would love to see the improvement in there work, there is a project called Project 365 wherein the goal is to post one photograph a day.

Here's the link if you want to see the details:

For some it might be very tedious to post one photo everyday but one technique an online friend of mine does is that she posts 7 photos per week. Of course you can tweak the rules a bit as long as your goal is to see how your photography skills are progressing in time.

However, if you're really really busy but would still want to do something like this, you might opt to do Project 52 wherein you'll only have to post one photo of yours for a week.


Personal note:

Sorry it took me awhile to share this bit of activity in blogosphere. There are quite a few blogs I've seen who's doing this already and you might want to catch up (incase you want to do it). I just thought somebody from my online buddies and friends here might be interested that's why I thought of sharing it.

And for the curious ones, no I won't be participating in either of the two projects.