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Monday, May 19, 2008

An Accidental Date at Blue Mountains

We had an accidental date at Blue Mountains last Saturday (17 May 2008). We were supposed to meet up with some friends but due to some unforseen circumstances, our Blue Mountains trip became a date for me and Chris.

We took the bus going to Katoomba and when we reached the area, we just walked towards Echo Point for about 40 minutes. It was tiring and our legs hurt but we had fun having mini stops on the way whenever we see something interesting to photograph.

When we reached Echo Point, this was the sight that welcomed us...

It's soooo amazingly beautiful...when you see something like this, mapapa-wow ka talaga.

We spent the morning hanging out at Echo Point just breathing in all the scenery around us. It was very very windy--it was soooo cold but that didn't stop us from taking photographs and making fun of ourselves.

L: Chris making fun of himself; R: After lunch, sinisipon na dahil sa sobrang lamig

L: at the Cliff Walk; R: Surrounded by dried leaves--I love Autumn!!!

We had an all-Aussie lunch at World Heritage Centre: Rump Steak and Fish n' Chips

After lunch, we explored the place some more but at around 2:00PM, the wind grew stronger and dark clouds formed on the horizon.

After the above photo was taken, we decided to immediately leave. We were so cold already and I got scared that if we stayed there a bit longer, we'll both get very sick.

When we arrived back to Blacktown (suburb where we live), I was still very cold so I asked him if we can stop by Starbucks for a hot chocolate (I needed to thaw hehehe).

Ahhh...what a perfect way to end our accidental date.