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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Wifely Steps

As a way of celebrating Wifely Steps' 5th year anniversary on the blogosphere, here's my entry to Toni's contest:

My Favorite Wifely Steps' entry is On Not Having Children...yet!

I chanced upon Wifely Steps after I got married in January 2007---what good timing right? Since then, I've been inspired with Toni's positive and informative stories via her blog.

One of my favorite entries was about Toni's feelings on not having children yet. I can so relate with that entry because since I got married, I have been hounded by questions like "so when is the baby coming?" and of course with questions like those, I felt a certain kind of pressure to conform with what's expected of us. However, when I read Toni's entry, I somehow felt a certain kind of peace that I'm not alone and that not conforming with society's expectations is a not bad thing. Thru the On Not Having Children...yet! entry, I confirmed that having children is indeed a choice.

Now let me also take this opportunity to greet Toni:

Toni, congratulations!!! Wifely Steps is such a blessing to us all. More power to you! I really hope to meet you soon. Mwah! - ibyang :)