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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

False Alarm.

So that's how it feels to wait.

So that's how it feels to get a little bit excited.

So that's how it feels to ask "What if...?"

So that's how it feels to say "I could be..."

So that's how it feels to see just one blue line instead of two.

So that's how it feels to be a bit disappointed (and made me realized "what more those who are really trying for years???).

After being delayed for three weeks and two pregnancy tests (which were negative) and a plan to go to the doctor tomorrow for a blood test, I got my period last night. I was just very stressed after all, which was my first hunch from the start due to the many ongoings of our lives since August.

Just for everyone's understanding, the husband and I are not "trying hard to conceive" and neither "trying hard to control". We are simply going with the flow with regards to this issue (coz everyone keeps asking). We are in no hurry but should God surprises us with a baby, we will welcome him/her with open arms. Time and time again, my say on this will always be: one can always plan a wedding, a marriage and a honeymoon, but having a baby is something you cannot pin on the calendar.