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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Breakfast at Henry's

We never leave home without having breakfast. But sometimes, when we arrive in the City, we--okay let me take that back--I am hungry already. This Friday was one of those days.

Usually, we eat at this cafe beside the The Marque Hotel, however this time, we tried this cafe near the Immigration Office called Henry's .

Their Big Brekkie (a.k.a. Big Breakfast) is only AUD$10.00. With that you get a cup of coffee, 2 toasts, 2 eggs, 4 bacons, a sausage, a hash brown and a siding of tomatoes and salad. Great value for us as these big plate is good for me and the husband.

Our Big Brekkie

Good morning baby!

Borrowed Chris' Latte (I try not to drink coffee during weekdays)

We finally found a place where we can have decent but cheap breakfast :). We also plan to hang out at Henry's after work one of these days. We looked at the menu and they serve pizzas. We'd like to give it a try especially that the place looks cozy for an afternoon when we feel like unwinding after work.