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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I Thought I'd Get To Rest on Sunday

...but no, because on Sunday morning, our desktop computer died on me. Dead. Gone.

Our laptop, for sometime now, has been dead too. It needs repairing but since we still had the desktop, we can still survive but less time on the computer for both me and the husband.

So we had to assemble a new computer two days ago. We just attended the morning mass at 10:00am, went home to check the cause of the desktop's death, had lunch, then off we went to the shops. At 2:30pm, we were back home, putting in the new motherboard, processor and power supply in. Husband did most of the work while I did laundry on the side and I fed him Pancit Canton and Vcut.

It would have been non-urgent had we not been doing photography. Nowadays, having a computer is an integral part of our lives...we simply cannot do without it. There's always photographs to download from our cameras. Plus, when your computer dies on you, you have this paranoia that your photographs may have been affected (of course it's not but you're paranoid nga eh).

Oh well, it's over and done with. We now have a new computer at home. Bittersweet moment because we're not really financially ready to buy computer stuff but at the same time relieved that the computer is up and running--and faster too.