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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tired of Shedding Tears While Chopping Onions?

Let me introduce you to Tupperware's HAPPY CHOPPER.

Inside this innovative kitchen tool are double-edged blades that spins by simply twisting the cover.

When chopping onions: (1) Peel onions. (2) Cut into quarters. (3) Put onions inside the Happy Chopper. (4) Close the lid.

(5) Then twist! Twist until desired sized of chopped onions are achieved.

And voila! Chopped onions without the tears and smelly fingers

The Happy Chopper can also be used for dicing: garlic, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

It also comes with a separate bowl cover so that you can always store chopped onions inside your fridge.

Happy choppin'!