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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

5 Questions From Pia

This is the 2nd time I got interviewed by a fellow blogger. This time, it's Pia, an online buddy at Multiply.

Here's Pia's questions:
1. Anong sekreto mo in finding the love of your life?

It all goes down to values for me. Being committed to someone for the rest of your life is not all about love. It is essential, yes BUT there are a lot of other things that will make a relationship work and last. And for me, the glue that will make us stick together are our VALUES in LIFE. I will never compromise my values just so a man will love me or make him stay.

And now that I'm married, I'm glad that my criteria for committing myself to a man is his VALUES in life (which should somehow be parallel to mine), because whenever we are faced with challenges and issues that need to be decided on, sa kahaba-haba man ng discussion (o minsan may argument nang nangyayari), it is not too hard to compromise because we both value the same things in life--it is easy to find our center.

2. Anong reflection mo nung nakaraang world youth day?

That the youth can do so much good for the whole world if only their actions are based from the teachings of the Church.

3. Do you ever have regrets in the way you had lived your life? Ano-ano yun?

That at some points of my life, I have been too obedient (just so to please other people) that I get lost and forget what I really want to do. Buti na lang, gumagawa parati ng paraan si Jesus para ibalik ako sa daan na dapat kong tahakin.

4. Anong meron sa lente at adik ka sa pictures? hehehe.

You know, I never really thought I would be this engrossed with photography. Before, I just love documenting things that happen in my life, because I love putting photographs in albums or make scrapbooks. Photographs give so much happiness to me because they remind me of happy times, of people who are dear to me, of places I've been to and most especially, of things I've learned.

The person who has influenced me so much was my husband and he was also the person who told me that I can be great at this (eventhough I'm not very technical when it comes to gadgets). When we met, he exposed me to the wonderful world of capturing photos manually (as in film SLR). Finally, we were able to buy our first DSLR in 2006, slowly my passion for photography grew. When the husband gave me my very own DSLR at the start of this year, all I can say is the rest was history. There was no turning back. For a year or so, I've asked myself a million times if I will really pursue my love for photography but my husband answered it for me by giving me my own toy to play with.

I haven't really answered your question yet hehehe.

So ano nga ba ang meron sa lente?

I have a passion for photography because when I look inside that viewfinder, I find something beautiful, something that will make someone's heart tender, something that will make you say "wow!", something that will make you say that "God is so good!".

Having the chance to photograph something beautifully and be able to share it with other people is a GIFT. Even if photography is expensive, tedious and gives me backaches (minsan sumasakit na ang likod ko sa kakabuhat ng bag kong puno ng photography ekek), it is always worth it because somehow I'm hoping that my photographs will make someone smile and appreciate how beautiful the world is.

5. Bakit ka maganda? Share mo naman secret mo :D
hehehe... walang bola you are beautiful and radiantly happy. :D stay that way,
nakakainspire ka kasi :D

(1) Laughter. I laugh a lot and I always find something funny or positive in any given situation and I'm not afraid to be silly and laugh at myself.

(2) Being happy inspite of and despite of. And I surround myself with happy people too.

(3) Sleep!!! I try to get as much sleep as I can. During weekends, I try to take afternoon naps so I have more energy during the workweek.

(4) I try to take good care of myself--I relax and inject some "Me" time every chance I get, I drink supplements (Vitamin E and Biotin), I eat a lot of veggies and fruits, I take bubble baths and if I get tired, I tell myself "slow down" and I take a day-off from work or from household chores. I'm guilty of my love for junk foods and meat but I make sure that I take everything in moderation.

(5) Introspection. At the end of the day, what is important is always what's inside you, so I make it a habit to "detox" my mind, heart and spirit. Everyday, I spend 10 minutes of silence to just breathe, clear my mind and say a positive affirmation.

(6) Whatever I am doing, I just have fun. As I answer your last question, I will end with an Ibyangism: "If all else fails, just have fun!."

Thanks Pia! :)