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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pete Evans' Pizza Masterclass at Myer

I was doing a bit of Christmas shopping three weeks ago when I chanced upon a little crowd in the appliance section of Myer Sydney.  I walked closer and saw Pete Evans having a masterclass on creating pizza.  With nothing but time on my hands, I gladly joined in to learn a thing or two in making pizza.

Pete Evans is one of Australia's well-respected chefs and co-host of the cooking show, "My Kitchen Rules".  His passion for cooking started at a young age of 13 years old.  When he turned 17, he followed his calling and became an apprentice chef.  He currently owns the following restaurants: Pantry Restaurant (Melbourne), Hugos Manly (Sydney), Hugos Bar Pizza (Kings Cross) and Hugos Lounge (Kings Cross).  He has written a few books too: Fish, a collection of fish and seafood recipes; My Table - Food for Entertaining; My Grill, which covers the art of barbequing; and My Party, a book dedicated to cocktail food and drinks.

His Pizza Masterclass is part of promoting his signature pizza maker with Breville complete with a recipe book.  He was just getting started when I arrived. 

I was able to try at least four pizzas, all were delicious and had the perfect crusts.  The last pizza he made was a Chocolate Pizza but I wasn't able to taste it.  Creating the pizza with the use of the Breville Pizza Oven takes only awhile so the pizzas just kept coming.  I was only able to take photos of three pizzas I've tasted.


Some tips I learned from Pete Evans:
  • Tomato-based pizzas are good for meat ingredients.
  • Use good cheese
  • Use good meats you can find in delis
  • Marinate Prawns in chili and oil before putting them on top of the pizza
  • Meat and chili are a great combination for pizza ingredients 
  • Use Chili Flakes instead of fresh chili
  • Make your own dough -- it's easy! 


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