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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Sweet Memory Cafe (Strathfield, NSW)

Had dinner with girlfriends last night but as usual, I arrive early and have my "Me" time at a cafe before meeting up with them for dinner. I was glad that my favourite stationery cafe, My Sweet Memory (MSM), wasn't busy so I was able to get a table easily. I comfortably parked my things at one of the bar tables they had. 
They've changed a few of their interiors and I like the new ones better. They still have the normal tables but on one side they have the bar tables and stools. I love their colourful bar stools as they are the perfect height and they were comfortable to sit on.
I got myself a refreshing Iced Coffee and Red Velvet Cupcake to accompany me while I write. Some "Me" times I'd spent staring into nothing or watch people passing by. But yesterday, I was in the mood to write so I brought my laptop with me.
Their Red Velvet Cupcake was a contradiction of sorts. Their cream cheese icing was thick and a bit runny, the top portion of the cupcake was moist but the bottom was dry. I enjoyed half of it nonetheless because it had the right amount of sweetness.
One of the things we notice when having Iced Coffee in Korean cafes is that their iced coffees usually mean that it would have a scoop of ice cream in it. It's like double the fun when I order them because I get to have my coffee and ice cream all in just one cup.
I bought a bottle of water from them too as I fancied the shape of their bottled water. It's such a space saver because it's thin. I can re-use it for a few times and easily place inside my bag. Not bulky at all! :)
MSM is a favourite after-dinner place of my friends and I. Every time we have dinner at Strathfield, we hang out here to have coffee, tea and hot chocolate.
Sweet moments with oneself and with loved ones.  That's how we're making memories at MSM Cafe.

My Sweet Memory (MSM) Cafe
3 & 4 Symond Arcade
12 Churchill Avenue, Strathfield NSW 2135
Strathfield Branch Facebook Page