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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Husband Gifts Me With Photographs

The best thing about being a wife to an artist is that I get to be his muse. I giggle with glee whenever he gifts me with his art. Whether it may be art designs or photographs, whether I'm in it or not, I appreciate receiving them. I'm proud of his talent and I'm his number one fan.

We had a very busy long weekend which started with visit to the Korean Consulate. And while our thoughts were preoccupied with a million things to do, we made it a point to have fun too.
We recently got an olloclip for the Husband's iPhone 5. Since we'll be travelling soon and saw the potential of the iPhone 5's camera in capturing good, clear photos, we decided to invest on an olloclip. The olloclip is a 3-in-1 lens which includes a fisheye, wide angle and macro lens. We were amazed with the capability of an olloclip as it enhances capturing photographs via an iPhone. We love it!

Last Friday, the Husband gifted me with his photographs, some of which he captured using an olloclip. Here are some of them.

The Train's Here. He used the fisheye lens for this and then processed it into monochome via the Snapseed app.
In Transit. Again in monochrome...because the Husband knows I love monochrome photographs.
All Ours. Caught a different train when we arrived at Central and what a nice blessing to have the carriage just to ourselves. This one's just a normal phone photo. No olloclip involved. 
 Levitation. Jump when no one's watching. I think this was my best photo that day. And the of the most fun photos we've created. To levitate inside a train carriage - check! :)
Train leaving. Still in fisheye lens. This is one of Sydney's old underground stations. There's a something dreamy and spooky about this photograph.
Husband's Got My Back. Me walking out the tunnel in St James Train Station. So lucky that for one moment, we got this tunnel all to ourselves. The Husband told me to walk ahead of him and took of snap of me.
In Between Buildings. This was Pitt Street in wide angle lens. 
The Husband made a monochrome version and posted it on his instagram.
Those were just a few photographs that made me very happy on Friday. Grateful for a Husband who thinks of me while he creates his art.