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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sweet Reunion With My Girls

It felt like a thousand years since we have seen each other again but in reality, it's only been less than four months since we've all been together...

Chloe, Ibyang & Ara together again in Sydney (Gloria Jeans, Borders Parramatta)

Chloe's back from Brisbane---and will stay in Sydney for good!!! Yay!

Of course, we had to meet up ASAP. In celebration of Chloe's homecoming, we had dinner last night at Pho Pastuer, a Vietnamese Resto in Westfield Parramatta, and had coffee and cheesecake at Gloria Jeans.

Tom, Ara, Ibyang & Chloe (Pho Pastuer)

Was a happy reunion with lots of catch up stories and updates on what's happening in our respective lives. We look forward to more get togethers in the near future, first of which is our badminton meet next Saturday (excited, excited me!)

For more photos, please check this out.