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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Being Proactive While Waiting

Due to the forgetting-our-monthsary brouhaha last week, I've decided to be proactive about things again. Since Saturday, I'm trying to shake off my being-in-denial phase. I'm perfectly aware that it's already the last week of September--pinagalitan ko na nga talaga ang sarili ko dahil heller naman, end of September na eh in denial pa rin ako. At na-realize ko lang na kung tuloy-tuloy ang pagdi-deny ko ay baka naman makalimutan ko na malapit na ang Pasko at hindi ako maging ready para sa gift giving during Christmas.

So this is what Chris and I planned to do while waiting for his visa (of course dapat kasama si husband, alangan namang ako lang hehehe):

Work on our Thank You Cards and send them before Christmas. The etiquette of giving out the TY Cards should be a month after the wedding. Obviously, we're very late, but then we do have a valid reason. Ang gusto ko kasi ganito, when we give out the TY Cards, we'll include a photo of us HERE in Sydney and our new home address IN Sydney is stated there. Sort of like telling our beloved guests that we have settled down in Sydney, that they can send snail mails to us via our home address. O diba, ang ganda sana ng idea ko? BUT it's not happening coz with or without THAT photo, I'm really gonna send out the TY Cards already coz my cousins' vacationing in the Phils this November and they're gonna bring it with them. My mom will be the one to send the TY cards to our wedding guests in Phils. As for my idea, it won't be put to waste, we still plan to do that but we just don't know when.

Work on choosing the photos for the wedding album and songs for the video. Yes, until now, our photographer/videographer team is still waiting for us to submit the photos we like for the wedding album. Target date of doing this is really October (assuming Chris is already here in Sydney) but again, we're still not together so we have to do this thing apart. It would've been fun doing this together. I've asked Chris to take charge on this one since he's the artist between the two us.

Since the start of September, I never questioned God on why we haven't been approved yet. Asking God "why?" is something I can't do because he has been so good to us. Sa totoo lang, minsan nahihiya na akong humingi sa kanya kasi feeling ko ang dami na nyang blessings sa amin. I know there is a reason why this is taking awhile and I know it is something good. Instead of asking why, my question has always been "Is there anything else you need for us to do before you let us be together?" Everyday, that is my question. I try to be very sensitive of signs lately because He might be telling me (us) something that we need to do first before seeing each other.

So far, based on our schedule, these TY Cards and the photos and video are the things we need to do. I realized we need to this now because when we're together and settling down into our home, we'd be very busy and it might be harder to find time to do this post wedding activities. Other than these things, there's nothing much I can think of that we should do while waiting. If there is anything more that needs to be done, I'm sure God will lead us to it.

With October coming in and with things to accomplish at hand, a new hope arises in me--I'm feeling much better compared to what I was feeling the last four weeks. As long as there are tasks to accomplish, I really come to life, I feel more alive. No more denial stage for me. I'm back to reality now!