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Saturday, July 26, 2008

World Youth Day Sydney 2008

For two whole weeks, all my entries had been about World Youth Day 2008...*whew*. It was hard work to put it all together, but worthwhile.

So now I'm just going to write down a summary of everything I've written about WYD08 for easy access (just click on the highlighted phrases and it will automatically link you to a certain entry) to those who might have missed them or for readers who will chance upon my blog later...and for me too (knowing I would forget where to find my WYD08 articles).

Primer on WYD08, plus the WYD08 prayers, theme and Sydney preps can be found here:
World Youth Day Sydney 2008

My happiness at seeing WYD pilgrims, especially Pinoys delegates:
Today Was A Good Day

My WYD08 Day 1 Observations

On Filipino and Aussie stories:
Kwentong Pinoy on WYD08

Kwentong Aussie on WYD08

My stories and videos on seeing the Pope:
His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Memoir of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

LP: Remembering The Holy Man From The West

Pope's Motorcade

Pope's Boat-a-Cade

On why I'm proud of Australia for hosting WYD08:
Bravo, Sydney!

NSW Government says "Thank you"

On photographs that will help me remember the happy celebrations of WYD08:

WYD08 Photo Gallery

All good and beautiful things may come to an end, but the memories we have experienced from this year's World Youth Day will always remain in our hearts.