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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Husband is Out Tonight So I'm Having Some "ME" Time

The Husband is dining out tonight with friends at work and so I have our home all to myself tonight (or at least til he arrives home). Since I didn't have any gimik of my own, I decided to just chill at home with Chinese take-away dinner and watch an episode or two of Lovers in Paris (I suddenly missed watching Koreanovela).

I love it when the Husband goes out with friends once in a while. He'd usually invite me to come but more often than not, I'd decline. I respect his time with his friends the way he respects my time with mine, so no problem at all. We believe that hanging out with friends separately is one of the things that make our relationship healthy and an exercise in giving each other some space even if we're already married.

Sometimes when he'd say he's going out with friends, I'd cheerfully say, "Really? Weeeee, I'll have the house to myself while you're gone!" And we'd just tease each other to death. The best part is when we'd have to say goodbye and I'd wish him "Enjoy, baby!!!", and he'll reply, "You too, babe."

Oh I definitely will.