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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun-filled and Productive Weekend

I think my weekend started on the Thursday last week.  Thursday after work, the Husband and I went a little pasalubong shopping and then after dinner, I finished two batches of laundry.  We had a full weekend ahead of us so I thought I'd start on a bit of weekend chores.  On Friday night, I finished all laundry and got our home de-cluttered a bit.

Woke up early on Saturday and wrote my March article for "Ang Kalatas" then got ready and
attended my goddaughter Madie's dedication day.  It was our first time to witness a dedication ceremony and it was lovely.  Being one of the godmothers, I had to read a "gift".  The gift handed to me was the gift of teaching. 
madie's dedication

madie's dedication

After lunch, we went home, rested a bit, got ready and we were out again.  This time, we attended the 50th birthday of one of my aunts.  Lots of food and happy faces. 
tita's edith 50th

And there was lechon!
tita's edith 50th


The Husband and I didn't have photos during the party because we were asked to cover the event.  Thank goodness for set up of a photobooth (by Photo Ops), we had a decent photo.  (For Sydneysiders, if you need a photobooth service, let me know and I'll give you the contact details of Photo Ops).
19 march 2011

Sunday we drove up to Brighton Le-Sands to witness my goddaughter Sophia's christening.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  The priest gave an insightful homily on the responsibilities of parents and godparents to the children of God.  

sophia's christening

This was our third buffet for the weekend but it was great that each buffet had their "main attractions".  Sunday's lunch buffet's attraction were the seafood and I loved the oysters best!

baygarden, novotel

After all the festivities were over, we went back home to the reality of de-cluttering.  After all the three weeks of sorting out stuff, it's not yet over (at least for me).  Sunday afternoon, I spent my time cleaning the fridge and pantry, looking at stuff that we need to get rid of, checking expiry dates and making sure that they are prioritized to be eaten.

de-cluttered fridge

It won't be long now before our great vaycay.  As of today, the food inside our freezer and fridge are enough for us this week.  By next week, I'd only probably cook just two meals and if we get hungry, we'd probably buy take away.

We haven't packed yet!  No, I'm not panicking yet.  I've got everything organized inside my head--on how I'll go about packing.  Husband and I are still pre-occupied with work and all the photos we took for the past two weeks.  Don't worry, we will make sure that we finish your photos (you know who you are) before we go on vaycay.
I hope your weekend was fun and great too!